What moments create strength and empower you to be more, to do more?

Welcome, I'm Sheena. Hustling has been the name of the game for me for as long as I can remember.

I was that girl in your high school hustling to sell her hand rolled clay jewelry line while waiting tables at her waitressing job. I'm that one friend who's always working on some kind of side hustle on top of her full time job.

I didn't grow up with much as a kid, but I wasn't the type to accept that as my future and knew I could write a new story. A story in which I empowered myself and others to do more and be more.  

I realized at an early age that my reality did not have to define my future, so I found ways to foster my entrepreneurial spirit, even if I had to create my own path.


Simple, functional, and consciously made

In high school, my best friend and I hand rolled polymer clay beads and sold them to friends, family and coworkers in packaging with handwritten labels. 

I have always felt empowered to create a strong community and connection around women, which led me to create Sheena Marshall Jewelry. Jewelry for women making empowered choices. 

I wanted to create jewelry that I know a lot of women have trouble finding — jewelry that is simplefunctional, and consciously made.


Empowering you and your choices

I believe that what you wear should come from a place of empowered choice, and that your jewelry should represent your values and needs without compromises.

  • If you want to know the maker behind the jewelry you wear, you should have that.
  • If you want effortless jewelry that you can just throw on without much fuss, you should have that.
  • If you want jewelry that doesn't leave a negative mark on other human beings or the planet, you should have that.

Sheena Marshall Jewelry is for the woman who wants to make conscious and intentional choices for themselves and the jewelry that they wear. 




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