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5 Tips for Summer Jewelry Care

Controversial, but true! Jewelry care matters, and there's a ton of misinformation out there. Despite claims from some brands about waterproof and tarnish-free pieces, most jewelry is susceptible to water and daily wear—even fine jewelry. Here are 5 tips to keep your jewelry sparkling this summer. Don’t fall for everything you hear; a lot of it's just marketing tactics. 💍✨

1. Remove Jewelry Before Applying Lotion
Sunscreen and lotion can build up, loosening prongs and dulling stones. Always remove jewelry before applying lotion, and put it back on once the lotion has dried.

2. Avoid Wearing Jewelry in Pools or Oceans
Chlorine and saltwater can tarnish and weaken jewelry. Leave it at home or in a safe place before swimming.

3. Keep Jewelry Safe While Traveling
Bring only essential pieces, wrap them in tissue to prevent scratches, and avoid putting valuable jewelry in checked bags. Use a hotel safe when not wearing them.

4. Clean Jewelry Regularly
Sweat and lotions can accumulate on jewelry. Clean gold and diamonds with a solution of hot water and dish soap, and use a polishing cloth for sterling silver. Regular professional cleaning can also help maintain shine and check for loose settings.

5. Don't Sleep Wearing Jewelry
Sleeping in jewelry can wear down settings and cause loss of stones or earring backs. Remove and wipe down jewelry before bed, and store it in a dish or tray on your nightstand.

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