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Made to Order

We want to create as little waste as possible. In order to achieve this goal, all designs are made to order. This means only materials needed are used and all scraps can be collected and recycled.


All packaging is recyclable! Your jewelry will arrive in a 100% recycled mailer composed of upcycled newspaper that is matted into a layer of cushioning, then sandwiched between two layers of recycled kraft paper, which is fully recyclable with mixed paper. Even shipping labels are100% recycled and curbside recyclable with a recycle-friendly adhesive. Jewelry boxes are environmentally friendly and made of high-quality pine materials.

Recycled Metals

We work meticulously to figure out exact measurements to ensure there are minimal scraps left over. When enough scraps are collection, we send it all back to our supplier for them to be recycles properly and reused. Many scraps are kept right in our very own studio to recycle and reuse in future designs. 

Committed to Growth

Sheena Marshall is committed to coming up with new ways to reduce waste. We are constantly innovating and working with our suppliers to improve practices, so if you have any additional ideas, feel free to send them over by contacting us here.
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