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Handmade Jewelry, Made With Purpose in Colorado

The world is full of disposable possessions, from items made cheaply overseas to mass produced trinkets that wind up forgotten in the back of drawers.

Even worse, there are proprietors that claim their goods are handmade, yet are actually sourced from factories with dubious histories.

You can rest assured that every piece in our collection is truly handcrafted and actually made here in Colorado by Sheena Marshall herself.

Why Choose Handmade?

There's a number of reasons to consider purchasing goods from actual artisans.

1. Quality
When you have complete control over every aspect of making jewelry, you can choose materials and techniques that will better weather the test of time. Sheena is a stickler for detail, and uses only the best when it comes to her pieces.

2. Uniqueness
All of pieces are uniquely designed by Sheena; none are copies of work done by other designers. No two items are alike, and a true appreciation for unique designs is one of the hallmarks of our clients.

3. Sustainable Designs
From packaging to materials, Sheena goes to great length to ensure that waste is minimized. You can read more about this on our Sustainability page!

4. Support Small Business
Every customer order is important to us and will be handled with care and precision. Not only will you be supporting small business, but you can rest assured that you're purchasing ethically made jewelry as well.

To learn more about Sheena and her approach to making jewelry, make sure to check out the Meet Sheena page.

Unique Jewelry Handmade for Unique People


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